STEAL, CHEAT, AND LIE YOUR WAY TO THE TOP - a growing practice on both sides of the Atlantic that’s costing consumers millions each year. Marine insurance is supposed to be based on Uberrimae Fidei or utmost good faith but it hasn’t always worked out that way. If you may question this,  just ask Eliot Spitzer, the New York Attorney General. Author Ed Geary closely examines the background of marine insurance fraud and the clever schemes that are used by boat owners, marine surveyors, loss adjusters, insurance brokers, and marine underwriters.  ‘Gotcha’ addresses important technical issues of marine claims while providing the reader with an inside view to a number of fascinating case files.


  • During his five-year USCG training mission of the Venezuelan Coastguard he was elevated to the rank of Captain and was assured of further promotion to Flag Rank. During this same period he received a commssion as a Captain in the Venezuelan Coastguard forces and designated the National Policy Advisor to the Commandant of the Venezuelan Coastguard responsible for training of the Para-military Auxiliary and Reserve Commands. For his training and organizational efforts Geary was awarded the coveted Honor Merito by the Venezuelan Navy. The  official ceremony and presentation of the  Honor Merito Medal was presided over by Admiral Jesus Enrique Briceno Garcia, the Commanding Admiral of the Venezuelan Navy.  Following his refusal to become a CIA asset (NOC) Geary’s disclosure of the Central Intelligence Agency’s clandestine Operation Deep Six to destabilize the elected government of Venezuela and install Hugo Chavez as president put him in the cross-hairs of the Agency.  Silencing him became an even greater priority when Geary exposed the CIA’s involvement in the theft of high value yachts used in mindless schemes to smuggle narcotics from Colombia to the United States - ostensibly to catch the Big Guys. The tension increased when a Watergate type Deep Throat emerged from the shadows of Washington and CNN International aired the story. The CIA agent who had been orchestrating the Agency’s operations from the American Embassy in Caracas soon disappeared. Six months later an investigative reporter from Miami found the ex-government agent working in an apple orchard in Washington State.


  • ‘Gotcha’ delves into the flawed business practices of The London Salvage Association that ultimately destroyed an organization that had been around since the reign of Queen Victoria; further revealing the fraud and “trickle-down-corruption” that has tainted the Lloyd’s Agency System. Recently Mrs. Sally Noel one of the Names at Lloyd's, publicly referred to Lloyd's of London as the "Liars of London." Mrs. Noel is pursueing a lawsuit against Lloyd's claiming that the organization has engaged in fraudulent and illegal practices for 20 years or more. The litigation claims that the Names (investors) who pledged unlimited liability were cheated and deceived resulting in a number of personal bankruptcies and the suicide of more than 30 Names.


  • Before the melt-down of ENRON and WorldCom the author’s exposure of the cover-up of Arthur Andersen’s fraudulent ship valuation conspiracy brought forth the wrath of Andersen’s lawyers and threats on his life. Andersen’s co-conspirators in the cover-up of the fraud included the once reliable Lloyd's List in London, the American Society of Appraisers in Washington and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in New Jersey. 


 “Insurance fraud is a growth business.

For those who aren’t caught it provides a precarious path to

financial fortune or pitiless prosecution.”



‘Gotcha’ provides an intriguing depiction of maritime fraud and narco trafficking in Latin America and the Caribbean, an area the author knows intimately well.  An interesting and easy reading book packed with useful information that exposes both the good guys and the bad. I know because I know them all.”

… Carlos the Fox (el Zorro)  NOC Asset - Panama




“Captain Geary has made a promising literary debut with his masterful portrayal of international maritime fraud. He names names and tells it like it is in a terse writing style that will hold readers spellbound. ‘Gotcha’ clearly shows that modern day pirates are still alive and well while providing a refreshing insight into today’s insurance scams. ‘Gotcha’ is both interesting and informative and a must for anyone who owns a boat or is directly or indirectly involved with marine insurance.

……. Robert Tralins, Author/Yachtsman [The majority of stories on the Sci-Fi channel’s “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction” show now in its sixth edition are based on Robert Tralins’ original books]



Published by, Inc.

ISBN: 0-595-32740-0.  $18.95

204 pages Trade Paperback


All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2002-2004

By Capt. E.S. Geary


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About the Author

Captain E.S. Geary has appeared as an expert in admiralty and maritime cases in Federal, State and local jurisdictions throughout the USA and Europe. Amongst other credentials and qualifications he holds a US Coast Guard masters license for commercial vessels, and is the retired USCG Department Chief - Pan American Auxiliary Liaison and Senior Policy Advisor to the Commandant of the Venezuela Coastguard. He holds a masters degree (magna cum laude) in Criminal Justice Management.

Certified Fraud Examiner                Marine Loss Adjuster

National Panelist of the American Arbitration Association

Member of the American Society of Appraisers and Accredited Senior Appraiser of Yachts and Ships (Worldwide)

Inventor and designer of the high performance composite propulsion system protected under U.S. and other international patents

Member: Society of Professional Engineers (UK), Union Internationale des Ingenieurs Professionnels  (France), Bundesverband der Berufsingenieure Deutchlands (Germany)

Licensed and Registered Professional Engineer (mechanical) European Union (ILO) Geneva

Fellow and Life Member of the Instituion of Diagnostic Engineers (UK)

ISM Code - ISO 9001:2000 IRCA Certificated QMS Internal Auditor

Member of the Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association (UK)

Authorized Nautical Surveyor approved to carry out work for the United Kingdom Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (UK)

Member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (USA)

Member of the American Society of Naval Engineers. 

Member and past director of the International Association of Marine Investigators who named him the 1996 Marine Investigator of the year.

By Appointment: Marine Consultant to the US DOT Maritime Administration

By Appointment: Marine Consultant to the US General Services Administration

By Appoinment: Marine Technical Advisor to HRH Tunku Ibrahim Ismail Crown Prince of Johor

By Individual Appointment: Flag State Surveyor to the Maritime Administration of Jamaica



50% of the people are honest

         25% are dishonest.....

The remaining 25% are as honest as the system they work under.




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